Behavioral Intervention (BI)

BI Postings

This job board is regularly updated with postings from BI teams and families of children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

If you are interested in working in Behavioral Intervention after graduating, consider completing a PSYC major with an ABA concentration


Not sure what you want to do (or can do) with your Psychology degree? Here are some resources to help you out!

career events

The Department of Psychology hosts an annual Career Event in collaboration with SFU Career and Volunteer services to discuss post- BA opportunities and career pathways specific to Psychology students.  

About SFU Career and Volunteer Services

SFU Career and Volunteer services is a great resource to help you start thinking about your future career. Join a workshop, meet 1-1 with a Career Education Specialist, and more!

ARTS Co-op

As a Psychology student, you learn valuable skills in the classroom, such as critical thinking, communication, and research analysis that can be transferred to various sectors and jobs. 

With Co-op, you can explore career options, expand your network, earn income and build your resume before you even graduate.