Research Lab Fair 2017

Tuesday November 14th | 12:00-3:00PM | North AQ

Fifteen labs and 54 lab members were present at the 2017 Research Lab Fair. An average of 44 students visited each table and benefits to students included networking with faculty and grad students, learning about the different labs and the variety of research they conduct, and being presented with opportunities to participate in research and to become a research assistant.

Research presentations convered topics such as:

  • The development of giving behaviour in infants
  • How people pay attention to the visual world
  • How people process others and their social world
  • Structural and functional brain imaging research in developmental cognitive neuroscience
  • Research on neurocognition and health to better understand predictors of successful aging
  • Supporting families of children with developmental disabilities
  • Tackling research questions aimed at advancing measurement and modeling of Psychological Phenomena, particularly in the areas of health and well-being (e.g, depressive symptomology, physical activity, concussion symptoms, sexual health)