Econ 2021 - Fall 2018


-  Course Description and Outline

 Problem Sets

- Problem Set 1  -  (Due September 24)
- Problem Set 1 (Solutions)
- Problem Set 2  -  (Due October 15)
- Problem Set 2 (Solutions)
- Problem Set 3  -  (Due October 29)
- Problem Set 3 (Solutions)
- Problem Set 4  -  (Due November 12)
- Problem Set 5  -  (Due December 10)

Lecture Slides

Lecture 1
Lecture 2
Lecture 3
Lecture 4
Lecture 5
Lecture 6
Lecture 7
Lecture 8
Lecture 9
Lecture 10
Lecture 11


Cochrane (2005),  "Preface/Chpt 1 (pgs 1-15)" from Asset Pricing

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Borovicka (2017),  "Chpt 1 Lecture Slides on Continuous-Time Stochastic Processes"

"Stochastic Processes and Ito's Lemma"  -  Chpt. 3 from Investment Under Uncertainty by Dixit and Pindyck.

"Dynamic Optimization under Uncertainty"  -  Chpt. 4 from Investment Under Uncertainty by Dixit and Pindyck.

"Continuous Time Summary/Review" -  class notes from John Cochrane

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Data Sets and Programs