Manisha Singh on Pursuing Her Dream to Becoming a Bestselling Author

April 11, 2024

School of Communication alumnus Manisha Singh has always had dreams of becoming an author. Now, only a few years after graduating from SFU, she is realizing that dream, having professionally published two children’s books in the last year that are being read across the world.

Her love for writing began as a poet in high school. When considering her options to further her education in post-secondary, progressing her writing skills was a focus of hers. In the process of looking at options, SFU’s communication program stood out to her and her mom.

At SFU, Singh found a strong support system while she struggled with things in her personal life. While developing herself as a person, she also developed her skills as a writer.

“I’m very grateful for my time at SFU because it allowed me to pave my way in a unique, non-traditional path,” says Singh.

After graduating in 2020, Singh went on to write at 5X Press, 6ixBuzz and Daily Hive, and now works fulltime as a Senior Content Writer at Mindful Agency. While writing for these different organizations, however, she decided that she also wanted to tell her own story.

One day, when looking back at poems that she had written in high school, one stood out to her. Singh’s first book, “If Trees Could Wave”, inspired by this poem, was published on Earth Day (April 22nd) last year and is about the importance of appreciating nature.

Her second book, “The Ocean in Your Hair” came out this past December and is about the importance of self-appreciation, particularly for girls with curly hair.

“Two of the biggest lessons I’ve learnt is the value of connecting with nature and the value of learning to love yourself,” says Singh.

“If I can write something that makes somebody feel more empowered, I’m definitely going to do that.”

Her goal is to become a bestselling author, and while she admits that she still has a long way to go, she is well on her way to achieving this goal. Her books have already sold in countries like Canada, the United States, Costa Rica, Australia and the United Kingdom. Her books are also available in libraries in the Metro Vancouver area.

Asked about what advice she would give to current students, Singh says, “Don’t be afraid to take advantage of the resources that are available.”

Her books are available for purchase on Amazon.