Course Repeat Appeal Form

Limits on Repeated Courses

The number of courses which a student may repeat in a degree program is limited to five. The number of times a student may repeat a course is once. Courses completed at Simon Fraser University, for which a student has already received transfer credit from another institution, will count within the five repeats limit.

Students attempting a course for the first time shall be given the opportunity to enroll prior to any students who are presently enrolled in the course, or who have passed the course with a C- or better.

Students can only repeat special topics courses that they have failed when the topic is deemed to be the same as the one for which the student has already received credit. Normally special topics courses can be repeated because the course content changes with each offering.

Repeated Transfer Credit

Students may not receive transfer credit for a course that is a repeat of a course passed at Simon Fraser University. At Simon Fraser University, a grade of D and those above it are passing grades.

If a student enrolls for a repeat course and completes it with a passing grade, the transfer units will remain on the academic record as a repeat, wiht a zero-unit value. If the course is completed with a failing grade, the transfer units will remain on the academic record. A department may permit units to count for both a transfer and a Simon Fraser University course if the course content is judged to be sufficiently different.

Current limits on course repeats, where one course is a Simon Fraser University course, will apply to repeated transfer courses. The implementation of this policy will not affect the method of calculating grade point averages. Current limits on course repeats where both courses are transfer credit will not apply.


In the Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology, a course repeat request will be granted only when both the following conditions are met:

1. There is no reasonable alternative to repeating the course that will allow the student to continue with the intended program of study, and

2. There is clear evidence to support that the student will be successful in both the repeated course and the intended program of study.

  • Please ensure that the course you are requesting an appeal for duplication is AVAILABLE in the next semester. If it is not available, please request this in the semester prior to availability.
  • Normally, the need to satisfy a course prerequisite is not acceptable as a reason for duplication beyond stated limits. Obtaining a prerequisite waiver, possibly on the grounds of supplementary courses, is usually a reasonable alternative to duplication.
  • Raising GPA is not an acceptable reason for duplication beyond stated limites. Beyond those limits, the only reasonable alternative for raising GPA is to do well in new course attempts.
  • Normally, the evidence of success must include either a CGPA or recent semester GPA above the relevant standard (admission or continuation) of a student's (intended or declared) program.
Type of Appeal: Is this your fourth or fewer repeat request?

More than four total repeat requests must be submitted via the Faculty of Communication, Art and Technology.

Have you consulted with an advisor prior to submitting this form?

You are required to consult an advisor before requesting a repeat.

Have you applied for a WE (Withdrawal under Extenuating Circumstances)?

(The course(s) you wish to duplicate)

We require you to look up the exact class number(s) that you're interested in enrolling in, if approved, for each duplicate course you list.

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The total size of uploaded attachments can be no larger than 15MB
The total size of uploaded attachments can be no larger than 15MB