ICCI Survey

Dear Participant,

You are being asked to participate in the survey portion of the ICCI study, which should take approximately 15-30 minutes of your time. The goals of the study include learning more about student experiences when Indigenous content and issues are presented in SFU classrooms and creating products (reports, a public archive, and edited videos) that will help educators to create more respectful, appropriate, and inclusive content to improve student experiences in the future.

Research Questions

The survey asks you to share your thoughts on the following central questions:

1)     What are Indigenous and non-Indigenous student experiences of troubling classroom climate issues arising from the discussion of Indigenous content?

2)     What are the impacts of difficult classroom experiences of the discussion of Indigenous content on students’ well-being and ability to succeed in the classroom and at SFU?

3)     What can the university and instructors do to improve student classroom experiences and have more accessible classroom environments?


Upon completing the survey, you will be taken to a separate webpage where you can enter your email address if you wish to be entered into the draw for a prize (1 of 3 $25 gift cards). You will automatically be redirected to the new webpage once you have finished filling out the survey. If you choose to enter the draw, your email address will not be linked to your survey submission.