Meet communication undergraduate student Ashran Bharosha

May 16, 2022

Arriving in Canada from Bangladesh, communication student Ashran Bharosha brings a passion to help his family and his community near and far.

While living in Canada, Bharosha continues to help his family business along with his mother.  

“I come from a family where we have had a family business for three generations: my grandfather, father, and now me. I include myself, because my father passed away when I was 16. I had to learn about business and support my family.”

Beginning his studies at the Fraser International College, he transferred to SFU to study communication and business.

“I enjoy learning about communication. We get to learn about the long-standing tradition of critical, interdisciplinary approaches to the study of media and technology, with a commitment to social theory and political economy.”

During his co-op term as a communications assistant at the non-profit North Shore Disability Resource Centre, Bharosha's work earned him a letter of recognition from his colleague Niki Hurst, Program Manager.  

"At NSDRC, Ashran has not only learned a great deal about working with neurodiverse people, but also a wide range of different cultures, beliefs and communities. Given his upbringing, Ashran brings to the NSDRC a fresh perspective on many problems we face," says Hurst.

Bharosha expressed his appreciation for the co-operative education program at SFU.

“If you are worried about finding a job after university, don't worry - the communication co-op team has you covered. They will guide you on what you need to do and help build your experience for the future.”

In April 2021, Bharosha was elected as the communication student representative at the Simon Fraser Student Society.

“I was elected by the students from our faculty to advocate for students, build student power, and provide resources and services that represent, connect and benefit the SFSS membership.”

Recently, Bharosha learned more about the hardships Afghan scholars are facing in Afghanistan.

“I could not just sit there knowing someone is in a dire situation like that.”

With the support of the SFSS and communication professor Kirsten McAllister, Bharosha put forth a motion to support Afghan scholars fleeing persecution. Council amended the motion to donate $2,000 for an incoming Afghan scholar to SFU and donated another $2,000 for the Scholars at Risk program.

Outside of his studies, part-time work, and his work with the SFSS, Bharosha continues to support his people on the pitch.

“I am a huge soccer fan. My favourite memory is winning the 2017 soccer intramural league. Our team was considered to be the underdogs. I scored a hat-trick against the defending champions and took my team to the finals and we went on to win!”

Equipped with his experience and knowledge how media culture operates, Bharosha hopes to pursue a career in marketing or public relations.

“This program helps you see the world in a more critical lens and see how media works to shape our societies. My experience at SFU gives me a competitive advantage.”