The 73rd Annual International Communication Association Conference revolved around the theme Reclaiming Authenticity in Communication and invited communication scholars to examine how authenticity has become a variable, rather than a constant, in public discourses and popular culture across the globe,
and with what relational, social, political, and cultural implications.

We had a great turnout of School of Communication scholars. Congratulations to everyone who participated! In no particular order, please see the list below for a recap of the CMNS attendees at the CCA Conference.

Thomas Dickson

Thomas Dickson presented "Uncharted Streams: The Online Streaming Act as a Case Study in Canadian Film Policy" in the "Governments, Corporate Power, and Democratic Media Policy" panel.

Alberto Lusoli

Alberto Lusoli chaired the "Playing Against the Grain: Toxicity and Counterspeech in Gaming" panel session.

Alberto Lusolio also presented "Last in, First Out: The Creative-Class Diaspora During the COVID-19 Pandemic" in the "Media Industry Studies Top Paper" panel.

Maria Sommers and Ben Scholl

Maria Sommers and Ben Scholl presented "'The Fun That You Have is the Fun They Don't Have': Toward a Performative Conception of Toxicity" in the "Playing Against the Grain: Toxicity and Counterspeech in Gaming" panel.

Ryland Shaw

Ryland Shaw presented "A Visual Analysis of Climate Change TikToks in the Wake of Weather Disasters" in the "Environmental Communication Research Escalator" panel.

Amy Harris

Amy Harris presented "Crossing the Critcal Zone: Climate Change Themes in Exhibitions and Galleries During COVID-19" in the "Environmental Communication Research Escalator" panel.

Ahmed Al-Rawi

Ahmed Al-Rawi presented "The Weaponization and Discourses of Misinformation in Facebook Ads" in the "Fake News, Misinformation, and All That Junk: What We See and Why Some Believe" panel.

Woochul Kim

Woochul Kim presented "You Are Not Qualified Refugees: Global News Agencies' Biased Grids of Epistemology and Journalistic Practice on the Construction of Syrian and Ukrainian Forcibly Displaced People" in the "Covering Refugee Crises: Frames and Forces Shaping the Narratives" panel.

Sarah Ganter

Sarah Ganter presented "Moving Online: Audience-Making in a Local Performing Arts Ogranization During the Pandemic" in the "Media Industry Poster Session" panel.

Sarah Ganter also presented "Platform Power in the Shadow of the State" in the "A New Agenda Setting? Google's Impact on Global Journalism Policy and Infrastructures" panel.

Wendy Chun and Carina Albrecht

Wendy Chun and Carina Albrecht presented "Interest, Disaffection, and Unfeeling in the Age of Social Media" in the "Mediated Silence and Feminist Refusals" panel.

Byron Hauck

Byron Hauck presented "A Transcultural Political Economy of Shared Time: Investigating the Experiences of a Chinese Village" in the "Events and News" panel.

Melanie Vidakis-Saucier

Melanie Vidakis-Saucier presented "Cyberspace in Place" in the "Communication and Technology Research Escalator" panel.

Cait McKinney

Cait McKinney presented "High-Touch Media: Caring Practices at the Deaf AIDS Information Center" in the "Queer(ing) Histories - Queer(ing) Activism: Communication Practices Among LGBTQ People" panel.

Anita Charters, Peter Chow-White, and Philippa Adams

Anita Charters, Peter Chow-White, and Philippa Adams presented "Reimagining Cancer in a Bioclinical Collective: Spaces of Convergence for Data-Driven Onco-Genomics" in the "Advances in Cancer Communication" panel.

Michelle Phan

Michelle Phan presented "Community Fridges and Mutual Aid in the Platform Commons" in the "Activism, Communication, and Social Justice Research Escalator" panel.

Shane Gunster and Robert Neubauer

Shane Gunster and Robert Neubauer presented "Sourcing Matters: Expertise, Knowledge-Making, and Alternative Media" in the "Journalism and Climate" panel.

Hyejin Jo

Hyejin Jo presented "Can't We Question? How Surveillance Capitalism Eats Up Women's Insecurity in Contemporary South Korea" in the "Inequities Explored with Cat" panel.

Xuezhi Du

Xuezhi Du presented "The Platformized Family Politics: A Case Study of Chinese Cross-border Wife's Storytelling on the YouTube" in the "Evolving Intercultural Theories and Needs in the Context of China" panel.

Zoë Druick

Zoë Druick presented "Need Johnny Read? 1970s Instructional Television for Emancipation and the Cybermetic Imaginary" in the "Genealogies of Truth and Techniques of the Self in Edtech" panel.