Tips from a CMNS Alumnus: Jas Baweja

July 22, 2021

Jas Baweja is a Communication alumnus currently working as a Corporate Communications Specialist with FortisBC. In this article he shares his top tips for recent graduates preparing for life after SFU.

What were the challenges you faced when you graduated?

Standing out from the crowd – It took me time to learn how to network, build a resume and interview well. I didn’t realize how much I didn’t know. I’m still building these skills, but I owe my start to all those industry professionals who believed in me when I wasn’t so sure myself.

Prioritizing my mental health – I made the classic mistakes. I lost confidence, compared myself to others and took rejection personally. It took time to bridge the gap between graduating from school and being ready for the workforce, and I hope I can help new graduates navigate these challenges.

What are your tips for current students to prepare for the outside world?

Try different things – You won’t really know what you want to do for your career until you cast a wide net to see what excites you. I took a variety of courses, volunteered and expanded my skill sets. It was all worth it for me.

Take advantage of the time you have – Is there something you want to do, but you keep pushing off? You can avoid some regrets by doing it now. That might mean taking a leap of faith.

What would you tell new or recent CMNS grads to prepare for the job market?

Find mentors – Guidance and support from the right people is extremely valuable. They can help you understand what skills you need to build, and how. And look for more than one! Everyone has different insight and experience.

Network – It helps you stand out from the crowd, and learn about different companies, industries and types of work. But remember that all advice isn’t universal – stay authentic, and trust your gut.

Take care of yourself – Everyone has a different journey after graduation and where you start doesn’t have to be where you finish. Your health and wellness should always be the top priority.

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