A Creative Communicator is on the Horizon | Aliya Dall’Antonia

March 04, 2024

Aliya Dall’Antonia began her academic career at Douglas College while working part time in the retail industry. Her success at Douglas College has led to her journey to become a student in the STEPS Forward Program at SFU. The diverse program provides inclusive support for students to pursue studies and to engage in extracurricular activities at SFU. She explored learning opportunities within SFU School of Communication by actively participating in CMNS 110 (Introduction to Communication Studies) and CMNS 226 (Digital Media Communication Techniques).  “Aliya was fantastic to work with. She was engaged and not afraid to step out of her comfort zone. She has written stories, etched storyboards, read articles and engaged in dialogue with other classmates and offered her unique perspectives on the world. We hope to see her cultivate her voice as a communicator” says lecturer at SFU School of Communication.


The Dall’Antonia family is a true SFU Family. “My parents are both SFU Alumni, they got married at SFU and now my younger sister is also a student at SFU” says Aliya. Supportive communities at home and at school has encouraged Aliya to be confident and fearless with her passion to become a writer, a designer, and an artist.  Several years ago, she was awarded with first place in solo swimming and sixth place in synchronized swimming with her sister Lianna at the Caprice club which offers a swim program for swimmers with all abilities.


Dall’Antonia’s creative talent is just on the horizon. “I would love to see my book of poems get published and for it to be shared with youths in the Lower Mainland” says Aliya.