Talks about mental health with a cup of cha

Cha Chats Podcast by Prabjit Bassi and Agnes Simon

Cha Chats Podcast talks about the topic of mental health within the South Asain community prevalent in Canada.

It is important to note that the term ‘South Asian’ is extremely broad that attempts to encompass various Indian regions each that have their own distinct community, tradition, culture, practices, and beliefs.

We took a holistic and casual approach to mimic the conversations South Asians often have involving a cup of Cha or Chai. As creators of Cha Chats Podcast--- Prabjit Bassi and Agnes Simon, we identify ourselves as members of the South Asian community in Canada and are Canadian citizens attempting to balance two different cultures.

Hence, as South Asians, we believe that the stigma revolving around mental health within our own community is the foundation for our passion in advocating for positive mental health. The intercultural links within the South Asian community and how the culture perpetuates the lack of awareness of mental health has inspired our project. We are motivated to use the stigma revolving mental health in the development of our Cha Chats Podcast. Our goal is to open a dialogue and dissect these issues revolving mental health. Through the means of our podcast, we intend to engage a virtual community in advocating for positive mental health in a friendly and open manner.