Postdoctoral Researcher




Tara Mahoney

Tara Mahoney, Ph.D (Simon Fraser University) is the research and engagement coordinator and postdoctoral fellow at SFU’s Community-Engaged Research initiative (CERi).

Tara’s current research is focused on how to make public participation in academic research more accessible to diverse communities. In partnership with Apathy is Boring she is exploring role of community-engaged research in supporting young people engage with political institutions through the development of a youth-focused run-for-office program and a policy development program.


  • PhD, Communication, Simon Fraser University, Vancouver, British Columbia, 2013 - 2019. Thesis - Leveraging Neoliberalism: Participatory Politics in Canada. Supervisor: Dr. Stuart Poyntz        
  • Master of Arts, Media Production, Ryerson University, Toronto, Ontario, 2008 - 2009. Thesis project (documentary): ForGive - A Leader’s Journey to the Vatican for an Apology for the Cultural Damage of Indian Residential Schools
  • Bachelor of Arts, International Relations, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta. 2001 - 2006.





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  • 2019 CRTC Prize for Excellence in Policy Research for “Collective Grist: Hacking Telecommunications Policy in Canada”.


  • Participatory Politics
  • Civic Engagement
  • Youth-led Social Movements and Activism
  • Digital media and culture
  • Community collaboration and engagement