Senior Lecturer

T: 778-782-3623
Room: TASC2- 7460.6

David Murphy

David Murphy works with creative production as research and teaching method. His areas of research include sound studies, curriculum theory and development, pedagogical design, Arts-Based research, creative production research and practice, and Risk communication. He is a board member of Vancouver New Music.


  • Academic integrity advisor.
  • University Board of Student Discipline member.
  • Instruction and development of techniques and technology for the production of audio and video related to the Sonic Research Studio and the Media Analysis Lab.
  • Supervision of the operations of labs and studios within the School of Communication.
  • Development and teaching of curriculum combining applied and theoretical aspects of communication.
  • Supports research in the School, in particular, the design and instruction of methods for using new media tools in support of research.


  • 2019 Ph.D. Curriculum Studies, University of British Columbia
  • 2003 M.A. School of Communication, Simon Fraser University
  • 1992 B.F.A. School of Contemporary Arts, Simon Fraser University

Currently Teaching


This instructor is currently not teaching any courses.

david teaches

  • CMNS 226, Introduction to Digital Video
  • CMNS 328, Television Production in the Digital Age
  • CMNS 326, Applied Community Journalism: On The Hill
  • CMNS 358, Sound Recording: Theory and Uses
  • CMNS 357, Audio Media Analysis
  • CMNS 426, Video Design: Risk Communication
  • CMNS 428, Media Analysis Project Group: Documentary Video Production


Academic Works

  • Droumeva, M. & Murphy, D. (2018) A Pedagogy of Listening: Writing with/in Media Texts, in Soundwriting Pedagogies, Eds. Courtney S. Danforth, Kyle D. Stedman, & Michael J.Faris. CCDigitalPress, Available at:
  • Droumeva, M. & Murphy, D. (2016). A sound pedagogy: Active learning through media production. Proceedings from International Conference on Education and New Learning Technologies, University of Barcelona, July 4-6, 2016.
  • Murphy, D. (2015). Curriculum Genealogy, Attunement of Becoming Educated and an Educator: A Collaborative Story of Ted Tetsuo Aoki. IAACS 2015 - 5th Triannial International Association for the Advancement of Curriculum Studies Conference, University of Ottawa, May 26-29, 2015
  • Murphy, D. (2015). Sounding Curriculum Studies: Encountering, Echoing, and Evoking the Aokian Way. Canadian Association of Curriculum Studies 7th Biennial Provoking Curriculum Studies Conference, UBC February 20-21, 2015
  • Murphy, D. (2014). The Experience of Becoming: Teaching Audio Media Analysis Using Experiential Pedagogy. ICQH 2014 - International Conference on Quality in Higher Education held at Sakarya University, Esentepe Campus, Sakarya Turkey. December 3-5 2014
  • Gouzouasis, P., Bakan, D., Ryu, J.Y., Murphy, D. & Virat, Z. (2014). Where do teachers and learners stand in music education research? A mute-voiced call for a new ethos of music education research. International Journal of Education and the Arts. 15(15), 1-24.
  • Simon Fraser University's Symposium of Teaching and Learning presentation and workshop entitled: Teaching media analysis: Creative subjective representations.
  • Murphy, D., Bartlett, K., Henry, B., Nicol, A. (2013) Tick Talk: Communication of protective practices against ticks for children using multi-media design and curriculum. Proceedings of the  63rd Annual International Communication Association Conference. June 17-21, London, England.Murphy, D., Balka, E., Poureslami, I., Leung, D., Cruz, T., & Nicol, A. (2007, November 12). Communicating Health Information: The Community Engagement Model for Video Production. Canadian Journal of Communication, 32(3). (for PDF click here )
  • Poureslami, Iraj; Murphy, David; Nicol, Anne-Marie; Rootman, Irving; & Balka, Ellen.
    (2007a, January 18). Assessing the effectiveness of informational video clips on immigrants’ attitudes toward and intention to use the BC HealthGuide in the Greater Vancouver area. Medscape General Medicine. [September 21, 2007]. (for PDF click here )
  • Poureslami, Iraj; Murphy, David; Rootman, Irving; Nicol, Anne-Marie; & Balka, Ellen.
    (2007b). Changing immigrants’ attitudes towards intentions to use the BC HealthGuide program: Culturally specific video messaging for health promotion. Journal of Applied Research on Learning, 1(1), Article 3, pp 1-12.  [September 30, 2007]. (for PDF click here )
  • Kline, S., Stewart, K., Murphy, D.(2006). Media Literacy in the Risk Society: Toward a Risk Reduction Strategy. Canadian Journal of Education. 29, 1: 131-153. (for PDF click here )

Creative Works    

  • Video design and processing to accompany the live performance of KRAANERG by Iannis Xenakis for 23 Musicians and quadraphonic tape. April 3 2009.
  • Video design and performance for “Marginalia” at the Vancouver East Cultural Centre (February 20-23, 2008). This multi-media performance was the winner of the 2007 Alcan Performing Arts Award.
  • Composed and created music and soundtrack for the film “Tableland” by Pixel One productions. The film was screened in New York, Montreal, and Vancouver (Dec.2007).
  • “Personum” Sound installation for an interactive performance space with circuit-bent toys and multichannel spatialization (February 6-15, 2006) .
  • 2003. “604,” video accompaniment for live music performance. Vancouver New Music production. October.
  • 2003. “Fantasie,” live performance for re-wired electronics, diffusion, and video projection. ProMusica production. February.
  • 2001. “Syntony,” live multi-media performance commemorating the 100th anniversary of Marconi’s transatlantic radio transmission. December.
  • 2001. “Craquelure,” live multi-media performance based on historical reflections of technological impacts on music production, Vancouver New Music production. January.


Areas of Research

  • Sound Studies, accoustic communication
  • Social impacts of media and technology on the human condition
  • Methods for using new media in social research
  • Media literacy and analysis through the process of production
  • Social impacts of media use
  • Social impacts of technological developments
  • Aesthetic design in media production
  • Media production designed to advance democracy and public debate

Current Research Interests

  • Sound education
  • Curriculum and Pedagogy theory, research, and design
  • Creative production practice and development
  • Arts-Based research in education and communication
  • Exploring methods to improve the design of media communication to multiethnic communities. Issues such as Cultural Competency and Knowledge Transfer are investigated with the intent of improving health communication interventions to specific ethno-cultural groups within the Greater Vancouver Area.
  • Audio Media Analysis, research into the impacts of technology on acoustic communication.
  • Media education and literacy. Use of media production in developing pedagogical models for advancing literacy.