Shane Gunster

Associate Professor

T: 778-782-6916
Room: K9670


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Future courses may be subject to change.



Special Issues

  • Robert Neubauer and Shane Gunster, “Enemies at the Gateway: Regional Populist Discourse and the Fight Against Oil Pipelines on Canada’s West Coast,” Frontiers in Communication, special issue: ‘Critical Approaches to Climate Change and Civic Action’ 4.61 (2019): 1-14.
  • Shane Gunster, Imre Szeman, Matthew Greaves and Robert Neubauer. Communicating Power: Energy, Canada and the Field(s) of CommunicationCanadian Journal of Communication 43.1 (Winter 2018).

Journal Articles (selected)

Book Chapters (selected)


  • Media coverage of environmental and energy issues (esp. climate change)
  • Environmental communication, including activist and advocacy communication
  • Political communication (esp. neo-conservative political discourse)
  • Critical approaches to advertising and consumer culture
  • Critical theories of culture (esp. Frankfurt School)