Instructor Resources


New Instructor Information

SFU Computing ID

Your SFU Computing ID provides you with access to SFU Mail, the Student Information System (SIMS), your payroll information, e-learning systems such as Canvas, campus labs, online library services and a variety of other systems. Your Computing ID is automatically created when your appointment has been processed by Human Resources and Payroll. Once your SFU computing ID is set up you will receive an email at your non-SFU email address to activate it online.

For more information and assistance on using your Computing ID, click here.



The FHS TRACS system provides an integrated platform for faculty-level planning, operation and reporting. You will have access to TRACS for services such as uploading course syllabi, managing the workload of your teaching assistants, completing your course preparation checklist, and providing your course scheduling requests.

Log into the instructor portal in TRACS with your SFU computing ID and password by clicking here.



Canvas is SFU’s supported learning management system. Instructors can use Canvas to deliver online content, distribute grades, communicate with students, deliver quizzes/assignments, and manage/monitor group work. The first step is to request a Canvas ‘container’ for your course. This can be done any time from the start of the previous semester onwards. The process is faster and with fewer delays if you order the container early, so consider doing this well before the start of the semester in which you will be teaching.

For more information, instructions and workshops about how to use Canvas, click here. Contact IT services for additional support.


Classroom Access

Classrooms are assigned by the Registrar’s Office or the Manager, Undergraduate Programs. If your course has specific spacing requirements (eg. computer lab), you will receive an email prior to the term to request your course scheduling preferences and you will be able to indicate this through the TRACS system’s Instructor Portal.  If you have any questions about classrooms or scheduling, please contact:

Brad Mladenovic (Manager, Undergraduate Programs) at 778-782.7188 or

NOTE: If you move furniture in a classroom, please restore it to the original configuration (or that shown on the diagram normally posted on the wall of the classroom) at the end of your class.


Instructor Office Spaces

Sessional instructors are provided the use of shared office space in Blusson Hall room 11402**. Desks in this area have locking drawers. During your office hours, students can notify you that they are at the main door to the shared office space by using the main entrance doorbell. Please contact the Undergraduate/Graduate program assistants if you have more questions about office spaces.

** Sessional instructors will be located in BLU 11830 during the spring and summer 2023 term while BLU 11402 is being renovated.



The closest parking lot to Blusson Hall is the North Parking Lot. Visit the Parking and Sustainability Mobility website for more parking and directions to the campus. If you have requested a guest speaker to attend your course and need to coordinate parking arrangements, please contact the program assistant for more instructions prior to their visit. Guests do not need to pay for parking in advance.


Photo ID and Library Cards

Your SFU ID card serves as photo identification on campus and is also required to use SFU library services across all campuses. Cards are distributed at Maggie Benston Centre at the beginning of each term. Visit this link for more details on how to get your card.

Visit the SFU library website for more information about services and borrowing privileges for instructors.


Keys and Fobs

The Undergraduate or Graduate Program Assistant will coordinate orders for instructor keys and fobs at the start of the term. A key fob is required to access designated work rooms and photocopiers. Other rooms are accessible through a door key pad and you may contact staff for door codes at the beginning of each semester.


Locker Rentals

Lockers are available for use during the semester. This is primarily for instructors and TAs to securely store course materials only. Please contact the program assistant for more information on how to request a locker.



Mailboxes for incoming and outgoing mail for faculty and sessional instructors mail are located in the Dean’s Office mailroom (BLU 11300). If you require assistance, please contact the receptionist.


Office Supplies

Office supplies are stored in the Dean’s Office supply room (BLU 11325). If you require stationery that is not readily available, contact the Program Assistant to request an order.


General Photocopying and Printing

Instructors and their TAs are responsible to prepare their own photocopying for class handouts and assignments. It is recommended to schedule printing of larger quantities during less busy hours.

Large print requests such as midterm exams or special handouts can be arranged through the Program Assistant, who will coordinate with Document Solutions for processing. Please allow as much advance notice as possible, with a minimum of 5 full business days (with the exception of final exams; see below), to allow time for Document Solutions to print and deliver the order. Requests should be submitted in electronic format, preferably as a PDF document. The Program Assistant will notify you when your order is ready for pick up.


Final Exam Copying

Final exams are coordinated with Document Solutions. Due to high volumes during exam periods, we require a minimum of 7 business days for printing of final exams. Please email your exam to the Program Assistant in a PDF format along with detailed printing instructions and a requested pick up date. You will receive an email when your exams are ready for collection. Please note that office staff will not be available to help with copying exams received after the above-noted deadlines. 


Assignment Drop Off and Pick Up

If you require a place for students to drop off assignments outside of your class time, there is a secure assignment drop box on the second level of Blusson Hall just outside the photocopier room (BLU 10402). You may request staff to create a temporary compartment label to collect class assignments. Please see the undergraduate program assistant in BLU 10701 for drop box access during daytime office hours when you are ready to retrieve the materials. Education program staff in BLU 10713 and 10703 also have keys to the box.  

To return marked assignments to students, please do so in class or arrange a time for students to come to your office. For final assignments, you may want to give students the option of giving you a stamped, self-addressed envelope for return of their assignments. Education program staff are not able to assist with returning assignments to students.


Instructional Expenses

Refer to the instructional expenses policy and form here (this link requires your ID to login).