Instructor Resources


Online Resources and AV Support

FHS-controlled classrooms: All FHS-controlled Blusson Hall teaching rooms have built-in AV equipment; however, not all Blusson Hall classrooms are FHS-controlled rooms.


Registrar-controlled classrooms: Equipment for Registrar-controlled classrooms is administered by SFU IT Services/Classroom Technology Services (CTA), and should be booked by the instructor using the links here. Even if the room has built-in equipment, completion of the online form is required so that AV staff can know when to set up the equipment.


Audio Recording of Lectures: If your lectures are scheduled in a Registrar-controlled classroom which has audio recording capability, there will be a place on the above-noted form for you to check whether or not you want your lectures to be recorded. When this option is selected, recorded lectures will be available to students about one hour after the class at this website here.


Using Zoom at SFU

Faculty and staff can use Zoom for no charges using an SFU computing ID. For set up instructions and tech support, visit this link here for details.