Nov 22 - Ernst Kruijff: Rapid Prototyping: Navigation Interfaces and Beyond

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In this seminar, I will look closely at (rapid) prototyping methods to design and develop novel navigation interfaces. Designing novel interfaces can not only be an exciting process, but also a rewarding one, as new types of interfaces can often improve not only performance but also other (subjective) criteria like fun or immersion.  Nowadays, a wide range of tools are offered to support this process, making it well-achievable to materialize an innovative concept. To support the design and development of new interfaces, I explain the basics of rapid prototyping, looking at methods and tools that are typically used. I will also talk about sensor substitution, a method that is often used to design interfaces that mimic real-life sensations. To explore the potential but also limitations of rapid prototyping, the talk will be finalized by an in-depth discussion of a series of (unconventional) navigation interfaces. While this talk focuses on navigation interfaces – a  key element to many games and immersive systems – the talk offers insights that can be applied on other types of interfaces too.


Ernst Kruijff is interim professor for computer graphics and interactive environments at the Bonn-Rhein-Sieg University of applied sciences, where he heads the 3DMi group. The group focuses on the human-factors driven design of multi-sensory 3D user interfaces. Previously, Ernst among others worked at CURE, Graz University of Technology, Fraunhofer IMK, and Bauhaus University where he coordinated several large German and European research projects in the field of virtual and augmented reality. He received his PhD (with honours) from Graz University of Technology, and an M.A. from Utrecht University, Netherlands. His work has been presented at conferences such as IEEE VR, 3DUI and ISMAR, and ACM VRST.