SFU Galleries: The Geometry of Knowing

Melanie O’Brian, SFU Galleries Director/Curator

Amy Kazymerchyk, curator of SFU Galleries’ Audain Gallery

Jan 25 2017, 12:30 - 13:20 pm, SFU Surrey Room 5380

About the talk:


We'll be presenting an overview history of SFU Galleries (SFU Gallery, Audain Gallery, Teck Gallery and the SFU Art Collection), our programs and current research interests. Within that we will discuss two projects in greater depth: a multi-venue group exhibition entitled the Geometry of Knowing and a commissioned work by German artist Andreas Bunte entitled Erosion.

About Speakers:

Melanie O’Brian is SFU Galleries Director/Curator. Previously she was Curator at The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery, Director/Curator at Artspeak and as Assistant Curator at the Vancouver Art Gallery. She has curated over 60 exhibitions, edited over 15 publications since 2000, and holds an MA in Art History from the University of Chicago.

Amy Kazymerchyk is the curator of SFU Galleries’ Audain Gallery. Along with an independent writing and curating practice, she has programmed for VIVOMedia Arts Centre, the Signal + Noise Media Arts Festival, Vancouver Queer Film Festival and DIM Cinema at The Cinematheque. She has contributed to artist-run culture in Vancouver in numerous capacities and continues to support both institutional and non-institutional artist-run initiatives and projects. 

Introduction to Research Data Management (RDM)

Jessica Gallinger, Research Data Management Librarian, SFU

Alex Garnett, Data Curation and Digital Preservation Librarian, SFU

Jan 25 2017, 13:30 - 14:20 pm, SFU Surrey Room 5380

About the talk:

This presentation will introduce participants to the fundamentals of RDM including planning, organizing data, documenting data, storing data, sharing data, and archiving data.

About Speakers:

Jessica Gallinger delivers workshops on data management and consults with users to implement project-specific strategies for long-term data curation. Prior to this term position at SFU, she worked as the Systems & Data Services Librarian at Okanagan College (2015-2016) and as the sole librarian responsible for Data & GIS services at the University of Saskatchewan (2014-2015). Having held both NSERC and SSHRC awards as a student, Jessica has handled a variety of research data across disciplines. She joined the Research Commons in July 2016.

​Alex Garnett is Data Curation and Digital Preservation Librarian at SFU. At SFU Library, he works on initiatives relating to the new Research Data Repository, at the Public Knowledge Project, he works on new tools for automatic typesetting and rendering of scholarly articles, and at SFU Archives, he works on implementing digital preservation tools such as Archivematica and BitCurator. A fun party trick is to ask him how he feels about the H264 video codec and then run away before he can respond.