From Ambient Video to Generative Documentary

Jim Bizzocchi , Associate Professor, SIAT, SFU

March 15 2017, 12:30 - 2:20 pm, SFU Surrey Room 5380

About the talk:


Jim Bizzocchi will be discussing his research and art creation program.  He has produced a series of video artworks in the genre of “ambient video”.  As Brian Eno has said about ambient music, Jim’s ambient video “must be as easy to ignore as it is to notice”.  However, his ambient videos must reward any viewer attention with visual pleasure.  He has also developed a computational version of his ambient video - based on a generative system called “The Dada Processor”.   The Dada Processor uses metadata and sequencing logic to select and order video clips from a database, presenting an ongoing visual stream. 

The SFU Generative Media Project combines Bizzocchi's generative video system with Philippe Pasquier's generative soundscape system "Audio Metaphor" and Arne Eigenfeldt's generative music system "Musebots".  Working together, the three systems create an ambient audiovisual experience that runs continuously with constant variations.  Jim will also discuss the next phase of their research - the redesign of their work to function as a generative documentary system.  The team is in the early stages of developing a “city film” artwork - a computational work in the spirit of “Berlin, Symphony of a Great City” (Ruttmann, 1927).  

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About Speaker:

Jim Bizzocchi is an Associate Professor in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology. He does research on video aesthetics, narrative, and new media. Bizzocchi has taught undergraduate and graduate courses on video, new media, and interactive narrative, and is the recipient of the Simon Fraser University Excellence in Teaching Award.

Bizzocchi is also an active filmmaker and video artist. He is a pioneer in the emergent genre of Ambient Video - "video-paintings" that play gracefully in the backgrounds of our lives. His award-winning video art has been exhibited widely in Canada, North America and globally. He has also developed a computational version of Ambient Video that runs indefinitely without repeating itself.

When not working, he can be found telemark skiing in the BC mountains.