Jan 20 - Steve DiPaola

Research in Cognitive based AI: Modeling Human Expression, Creativity and Social Good systems

Steve DiPaola

Talk Description:

What is the state of art using cognitive inspired AI in emerging media like VR/AR and fine art? Using computational and AI techniques including Deep Learning, DiPaola will demo his research lab’s (ivizlab.sfu.caLinks to an external site.) work, in modeling how humans are creative, how humans express themselves in systems and how a new form of ‘AI for social good’  is   beginning using AI with applications for education, health, entertainment and fine art. 

About the Speaker:

Steve DiPaola (Links to an external site.) is the past Director of Cognitive Science and Professor at Simon Fraser University. Before SFU, as  faculty, DiPaola taught the first VR course at Stanford in 2002 and is known as an expert in computation models that   emulates fine art painters and human emotive faces and VR systems, detailed in more than 100 published papers and   showcased in the journal Nature. He has directed R&D groups at Electronic Arts, Saatchi Interactive and SV   startups.  His AI/digital artwork has been shown at museums and galleries worldwide including the AIR and Tibor de   Nagy galleries in NYC, the Whitney Museum and the MoMA.