Gillian Russell - Disruption Through Design: Critical Exploits and Spaces of Possibility


This talk explores how a new generation of designers are engaging in the curatorial as a form of Critical Design research and practice. Experimenting with new aesthetic approaches and alternative media, these creative practitioners are expanding the possibilities for the form, delivery, and experience of Critical Design while using the concept of embodied criticality to process and realize works. Through approaching information exchange experimentally, they focus on pushing the boundaries of what constitutes design, research, and exhibition, while choosing methodologies that can be typified by a desire to disrupt and fracture, all in an effort to open up systems of communication and production. 



Gillian Russell is a designer, researcher, and curator whose projects centre on the interplay between design and its critical contexts. She has a PhD in Design History/Design Products from the RCA and is a lecturer in Design at Emily Carr University, Vancouver, Canada.