Nov 28 - IAT 882 Creative AI Presentations

Watch Now:

In this week's Colloquium, students from IAT 882 "Creative AI" will be presenting course projects. The course is led by Philippe Pasquier, Associate Professor at SIAT, SFU. 

Each presentation will be composed of a 15 minute talk and a Q&A session with the audience.

List of Presentations:

Renaud Bougueng Tchemeube - Apollo: An Interactive Meta-Instrument for Style Imitation in Music
Ronald Boersen - MIA: Musical Improvisation Agent
John Desnoyers-Stewart - JeL: VR for Social Synchronization (I)
Ekaterina (Katerina) Rouslanovna  Stepanova - JeL: VR for Social Synchronization (II)
Supratim Chakraborty - Web Style Transfer

IAT 882 "Creative ai" Course Description:

How to use Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning to partially or completely automate creative tasks? How to integrate AI, machine learning and intelligent data processing into art and design practices? Be it design, or artistic expression, the next generation of computer-based applications will embed AI and machine learning.

This course proposed an introduction and overview of the history and practice of generative arts, computational creativity, and creative AI with an emphasis on the formal paradigms and algorithms used for generation. On the technical side, we studied core techniques from mathematics, artificial intelligence, and artificial life that are used by artists, designers and musicians across the creative industry.