Steve DiPaola - Taking Charge: Planning and Executing Your Path to Thesis and Beyond


DiPaola will demonstrate how the best grads take charge of their academic grad career by planning and efficiently executing, via strong tools and techniques, all stages of getting their  (masters or PhD) thesis written and defended. DiPaola who was former SIAT Grad Chair, who has mentored many grads through the process, will go over the best practices and tools in defining, planning and executing through to thesis completion and defense and beyond ( how to plan your academic or industry career starting now). He will also take questions about career paths and career/grad strategies open to grads given his leadership roles in both industry and academia as well as manage/balance interdisciplinary art/design and science roles and aspirations. 



Steve DiPaola, active as both an artist and scientist is past director of the Cognitive Science Program at SFU, and leads the iVizLab (<>), a research lab that strives to make computational systems bend more to the human experience by incorporating biological, cognitive and behavior in AI models. He has held leadership positions at leading edge companies including Electronic Arts, and Saatchi Innovation. His digital artwork his shown internationally including the MOMA, MIT Museum, The Smithsonian and Whitney Museum of Art.  


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