Oct 25 - Dina Shafey: Research Ethics & Proposals

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Research Ethics: What you need to know to obtain research ethics approval for your study


The purpose of this session is to engage students in considering and discussing the ethical conduct of research involving humans in psychology. There will be a brief overview of the ethics review process, and the requirements to obtain approval. An in-depth discussion of the detail required in study documentation when submitting a research study for ethics review will be provided. We will go over tips in the development of proposals and consent documents.


Dina Shafey, PhD, MBA has been the Associate Director, Office of Research Ethics at Simon Fraser University since October 2012.  In this role, Dina is appointed as a non-voting member of the SFU REB and is given responsibility for reviewing and approving minimal risk research studies. Another of Dina’s key responsibilities is to develop a program for and to direct the delivery of education programs concerning research ethics to faculty, staff and students across all SFU campuses to ensure that the concepts and requirements of ethical conduct in research are communicated to faculty members, staff, and students. Lastly, Dina is responsible for providing advice and direction to the members of the SFU REB concerning the application of the TCPS2, and other national, international and provincial standards and regulations.