Diversity by Design - Make Possible Mentoring

School of Interactive Arts and Technology
IAT805 - Research Colloquium Series
Spring 2016

Moderator: Prof. Lyn Bartram

January 20, 2016 | 12:30 - 14:20 | SUR5380
Contact to: Prof. Halil Erhan (herhan@sfu.ca)

The Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology (SCWIST) has launched its Make Possible Mentoring Network as part of the Government of Canada's Status of Women Initiative to advance women in technology.Maria Issa, Cheryl Kristiansen and Hiromi Matsui are looking for your insight and guidance on how to build this community. We are asking for your opinions on defining the problem space: is mentoring important? Are you comfortable with this concept?  We invite your opinions on the design of the Make Possible on-line mentoring platform (www.makepossible.ca). Participants will also discuss resources and technology needed to address challenges faced in early career, and how to incorporate diversity into the design of technology and its applications.

Link to Video Recording of the Panel:

Make Possible Steering Committee Chair, Maria Issa, has an undergraduate degree in microbiology, a PhD in immunology, and extensive educational and research expertise internationally.  She is the Director of the UBC Pathology Education Centre and is also CSO of a small biotech company.  Maria is an active mentor and has served on the SCWIST Board, twice as President, and helped to create many of SCWIST’s  engagement programs, including the successful XX-Evening for post-secondary women to explore STEM careers. She also spearheaded two key presentations by SCWIST to the House of Commons Standing Committee on the Status of Women. For science outreach, she was nominated for the YWCA Women of Distinction award, and was awarded Volunteer of the Year by the predecessor of LifeSciences BC.  Her motto is Emmanuel Kant’s dictum, “Dare to find out!”.
SCWIST Make Possible Project Manager, Cheryl Kristiansen, brings diverse expertise in project management, engineering innovation and leading transformative change in STEM.  She has a degree in Mechanical Engineering, hands-on engineering experience in alternate fuels technology and senior leadership experience in the oil and gas sector.  As Managing Director of the Mitchell Odyssey Foundation, Cheryl developed a network of schools across BC with innovative programs to inspire high school students to pursue careers in STEM.  As Project Manager for Make Possible, Cheryl has delivered mentoring workshops and presentations at various industry events, including Creating Connections 2015 with stakeholders from industry, academia and government.
Hiromi Matsui is a member of the Steering Committee for Make Possible. She holds a Bachelor's degree from the University of Waterloo and an M.Sc. from the London School of Economics and Political Science.  She has held leadership roles in CCWESTT, the WinSETT Centre, and the Society for Canadian Women in Science and Technology.   She retired from her role as Director, Diversity and Recruitment in the Faculty of Applied Science and has served on several Boards.  She is the recipient of several awards for her service to women in science and engineering, including the YWCA Woman of Distinction in Science and Technology and she is proud to be an Honorary Member of the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC, and an Honorary Fellow of Engineers Canada.