Listen, Believe, Empower: Responding to Disclosures of Sexual Violence

In this interactive workshop, participants will acquire the knowledge and skills to respond appropriately and supportively to disclosures of sexual violence from students and peers. Participants will learn what constitutes sexual violence and misconduct at SFU, the fundamentals of a supportive response, the various campus and community support services available, and the importance of self-care for those who receive a disclosure.

Note for Participants:

In this workshop, we will discuss issues relating to sexual violence that may bring up difficult feelings. This workshop will be interactive, but please participate in ways that support your well-being and learning. If you have questions or concerns about this session that you wish to discuss privately, please contact the workshop facilitators, Paola Quirós-Cruz (paola_quiros[at] or Belinda Karsen (belinda_karsen[at] You also invited to connect with an SVSPO case manager for confidential personal support:


About the Workshop Facilitators:

Paola Quirós-Cruz (she/her) is the Educator with the SVSPO. In this role, she facilitates education and outreach for SFU and FIC undergrad and grad students and also coordinates the Active Bystander Network, the SVSPO’s student leader group. Previously, Paola was the SFSS Women’s Centre Coordinator where she managed all services provided to students at the centre while also offering support and workshops on gender violence, sex positivity, and social justice issues.

Belinda Karsen (she her) is the Educational Specialist with the SVSPO. In this role, she develops education and outreach for SFU and FIC employees, including faculty, staff, TAs/TMs, and Research Assistants. As a Master’s and Doctoral student at York University in Toronto, Belinda worked as a Teaching Assistant and Research Assistant for seven years before embarking upon an alt-ac career in Student Affairs