Oct 31 - Victor Cheung





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Interacting with Displays: On, Between, and Around


In the past 20 years, touchscreen displays have been one of the most pervasive technologies for Human-Computer Interaction, ranging from wall- or table-sized displays to hand-held and wrist-worn devices. Yet, this form of interaction forces people to direct their visual attention to the display itself, and limits the interaction form to primarily touches. Recent advancements in sensing technologies have provided new and exciting opportunities for other interaction forms, and enabled people to better express themselves. Examples include using mobile devices, and other tangible objects as controllers. In particular, researchers use deformables, where shape-changing actions, such as bends and stretches, can be sensed and interpreted as user inputs. Deformables provide great tangibility to the interaction process and open up opportunities such as subtle and eyes-free interactions. In this talk Victor will highlight some of his prior work on public display interactions with the Collaborative Systems Lab at University of Waterloo, and his current work on deformable devices with the Creative Interactions Lab at Carleton University.


Post-doctoral fellow at Carleton University’s Creative Interactions Lab. His primary research interest is human-computer interaction with novel technologies, including interactive surfaces, wearables, and deformable devices. Cheung received his PhD in systems design engineering from the University of Waterloo.