Jan 16 - Jorge Wagner

Experience as a Grad Student in Brazil


This talk provides a brief introduction to academic research and graduate studies in Brazilian universities. Through a discussion of common graduate students concerns such as coursework requirements, responsibilities and research funding, the goal is to generate a conversation about similarities and differences between the Brazilian and Canadian systems, and how these can affect students' lives and works.


Jorge is a PhD in Computer Science student at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS), Brazil, researching in the area of Immersive Data Visualization. He is currently at SFU for a six-month research internship under invitation of Global Affairs Canada’s Emerging Leaders in the Americas program. Previously, he earned MSc in Computer Science (2017-2018) and BSc in Computer Science (2011-2016) degrees from UFRGS, and published multiple Conference and Journal papers in the areas of Data Visualization and Natural Language Processing. He received the UFRGS Academic Laurel and the Brazilian Computer Society (SBC) Outstanding Student prize for academic excellence during his undergraduate studies, and an Honourable Mention from his Graduate Program for outstanding work in the Master's Dissertation. During the undergraduate course, he also attended Queen Mary University of London for a year (2014) as an exchange student.