Oct 10 - Research Tools Workshop and Lisa DaSilva on Expense Claims




Watch Now: https://stream.sfu.ca/Media/Play/f8793f7ab044444188967b7b5646e4061d


This week’s Colloquium will cover the various research tools available to students that help streamline everything from your approach to research, literature review, collaborative tools, writing and publication. This week will also have SFU SIAT's Administrative Coordinator, Lisa DaSilva, speak about Expense Claims.


We’ll start the session with a show & tell of the various tools available, such as:


More info

SFU Library's Research Commons is an excellent resource for information, workshops, training and events.


Research Commons Workshops: https://www.lib.sfu.ca/about/branches-depts/rc/services/workshops


Discussion will follow show & tell

What do you use? What would you like to learn? Do you have any suggestions for your peers?