A live stream and video recordings of the colloquium will be available at http://stream.sfu.ca/Media/Catalog/catalogs/ (details following soon)


All are welcome to attend!

When: Wednesdays from 12:30-2:20 pm
Where: SUR 5380

The Graduate Research Colloquium aims to be a forum for the building of community, for exposure to diversity of research work and methods, and for fostering understanding of disciplinary commonalities and differences. SIAT (School of Interactive Arts and Technology) is a strongly interdisciplinary program and the Research Colloquium aims to reflect this by exposing students to a broad range of approaches to research in the areas of Interactive Arts, Design and Technologies.

Through this colloquium series, presentations by SIAT faculty, SFU non-SIAT faculty, and outside visitors will be scheduled alongside presentations by students. Where possible, presentations by international visiting researchers will be integrated into the program. The emphasis is on a community of research which includes students.

For registered students: About the Course

Students will be evaluated on their participation in this course. Participation includes attendance at the weekly presentations and online and other activities (details provided in course).