Sept 26 - Bernhard Riecke and Tina Kong

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This week’s Research Colloquium welcomes Bernhard Riecke, Graduate Program Chair, and Tina Kong, Graduate Program Assistant, of SFU SIAT.

Navigating the Waters of Grad School


This presentation will cover administrative topics such as:

  • Members of the administration and their roles; 
  • Course work requirements; 
  • Completion timelines; 
  • How Tina assists students; 
  • Open Q&A (bring your questions)

All students at SIAT are encouraged to attend, as up to date information that is relevant to all students will be discussed. Faculty and Staff are also welcome to attend.

For more information about Bernhard Riecke and the work he does at SIAT, please see:

For more information about Tina Kong and the work she does at SIAT, please see: