"Faith in Data and other stories"

The talk will illustrate ways to interrogate data across different disciplines and languages, and make artworks that can question our notion of reality, and belief system. 

From directing the voice of a soprano by using the last ten years of Lehman Brothers’ financial records, to distilling data in a fragrance inspired by a colossal crash of the US financial market, I see art as a platform to create models of the way parts of our society function.

Touching upon some of my recent works, we will discuss digital technology and data artification, the value of collaborative practice, appropriation and authorship, science and belief.


About Fabio Lattanzi Antinori:

Working across a range of mediums including sculpture, print, text, sound, and interactive installations, my practice is particularly interested in the narratives of data and on the agency of digital technology and the way this shapes the future of our society.
My process is often collaborative. So far I have worked with engineers and designers, with English and Chinese opera singers, data analysts, scientists, perfumers, economists, financial astrologers and fortune tellers.

My work has been exhibited at Frieze Sculpture Park, Royal Society of Sculptors, Petach Tikva Museum of Art, SeMA Seoul Museum of Art, V&A, MoCA Shanghai. I am an alumni of the MMCA Seoul Residence Program and was awarded the Lucas Artists Fellowship and the Royal Society of Sculptors’ First Plinth Award.

In preparation for Fabio's talk, we recommend reading Gabriele Gabriele Salciute Civiliene's " Data Artification." In Advances in Design and Digital Communication, Springer Series in Design and Innovation, ed. by Nuno Martins and Daniel Brandão. Springer, pp. 234-243. King’s College London.

For more info on Fabio's work:

Image above: Flashcrash: a Perfume, installation view, Photo: Tom Carter, courtesy of The Ryder Projects, London 2019
Image below: The Cost of Your Life on Google, Hoxton Project Space 2021.