“Cognitive Tools for Learning Argumentation”

Prof. John Nesbit
Faculty of Education, SFU

FEBRUARY 24, 2016

About the talk:

[Link to video - TBP]

Prof. Nesbit will introduce a theoretical and empirical approach to the design of learning media and show how the approach is being used to investigate cognitive tools such as argument maps, intelligent tutoring systems and learning analytics. The theory draws from learning science conceptions of motivation, constructivism, self-regulated learning, schemas, and ideas about how tool use shapes cognitive development. The talk will focus on cognitive tools research conducted by Prof. Nesbit and his colleagues.

About Speaker:

Prof. John Nesbit is a professor in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University. He does research on the cognitive psychology of learning technologies with a focus on argumentation, self-regulated learning, multimedia learning and intelligent tutoring systems. Much of his current work is meta-analysis and systematic review of research in these areas.