“Large Interactive Surfaces for Collaboratively Exploring
and Deriving Meaning from Complex Data"

Dr. Narges Mahyar
Department of Computer Science , UBC

March 16, 2016, 12:30 - 14:20, SFU Surrey Room 5380

About the talk:

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Large interactive surfaces, hand in hand with visualization tools, enable analysts to collaboratively explore and derive meaning from complex data. Large surface provide a common workspace that enables users to share their views and simultaneously manipulate digital artefacts. Visualization tools allow analysts to interactively explore and understand their data in detail to develop new hypotheses and insights. Along with these exciting opportunities come new challenges. Designing visualization tools for collaboration and large interactive surfaces encounters many issues such as providing support for awareness, changes in collaboration style, fluid interaction, and shared versus private workspaces. In this talk, I will explain how my research addresses some of these challenges for designing collaborative visual analytics tools for tabletops. I will also present my current multidisciplinary research that investigates how to engage the public in the complex process of participatory community design through the use of a multi-display interactive tabletop system.

About Speaker:

Narges Mahyar is a postdoctoral research fellow in the Department of Computer Science at the University of British Columbia. Her work centers on the confluence of InfoVis, CSCW, and HCI. Narges designs, develops, and evaluates interactive visualization and collaboration technologies to help people explore and analyze complex information on novel displays such as tabletops. In 2014, She received her PhD in computer science from the University of Victoria. Her dissertation focused on designing visualization tools and interaction techniques to facilitate Collaborative Visual Analytics (CVA). Narges received a best paper award from IEEE VAST 2014 for her work on supporting collaborative sense making.