Jan 27 - Sylvain Moreno

How can we beat death?

Sylvain Moreno

About the Speaker:

Sylvain Moreno, PhD, is an Associate Professor in the School of Interactive Arts and Technology at Simon Fraser University and C.E.O and Scientific Director of the Digital Health Circle (www.digitalhealthcircle.ca). He is a specialist in neurotechnologies, neuro-computation and cognitive health across the lifespan. Dr. Moreno has been a member of the New York Academy of Science since 2006 and several prestigious scientific organizations. He has been the recipient of many awards from national and international organizations such as the Early Researcher Award from The Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation (2014) and The Brainstorm Innovation Prize from Stanford Medical School (2017). His work has received widespread press in various media outlets including The New York Times and Forbes.  He has authored several scientific publications and patents with real-world impacts in education and clinical environments.