Mar 6 - Lois Klassen

Key_Art_Words and other tricks of methodology





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The recently defended dissertation portfolio Ethics and Participation in art: Reading the Migration Library and other methods situates research-creation methodologies in a cultural studies context. Using alternate forms of academic writing including poetry and autoethnography, the text works through methodological antecedents including disjunctures, epistolary and first-person forms, genealogy, place-based theories, refusal, relationality, and strategic silences. This presentation will focus on the methodological approach of “keywords” within the context of ethically demanding research-creation inquiries.



Lois Klassen is an artist, writer, and researcher based in Vancouver, Canada. In art and texts she has considered the nature of participation and representation. In 2018 she successfully defended the doctoral dissertation, Ethics and Participation in Art: Reading the Migration Library and other methods (Cultural Studies, Queen’s University, Kingston, Canada). Klassen holds a Master of Applied Art (Visual Art) from Emily Carr University of Art + Design. Besides being a volunteer career mentor for newcomer-Canadians, and an enthusiastic participant in Vancouver’s various art scenes, Klassen serves as the coordinator of the Emily Carr University Research Ethics Board.