Digital health technology research and applications: Brain recording devices and video games

Sylvain Moreno, Director of the Digital Health Hub, Associate Professor, SIAT, SFU

March 22 2017, 12:30 - 2:20 pm, SFU Surrey Room 5380

About the talk:


The presentation will cover two paths of research: Brain recording devices and Neurotraining using video games. I will first present the part of my work which has focused on the development of tools (i.e., electroencephalographic recording devices) to investigate questions outside of the laboratory (i.e., field or online). While our brains are specialized for complex and highly variable real world tasks, most neuroscience or medical studies tend to reduce environmental complexity using lab settings, which limits the range of behaviors that can be explored. Motivated to overcome this limitation, I, in collaboration with two colleagues Drs. Kovacevic and McIntosh, developed a new portable EEG experimental setup being able to record 20 individual simultaneously. I will discuss the data of our recent large-scale training experiment in which we monitored 500 participants. Then, my talk will present findings related to transfer of skills from two video game technologies (i.e., children and aging) to cognitive processing at the auditory and cognitive levels. The data will focus on two questions: Is transfer of skills possible between two cognitive activities? How can we qualify the nature of this transfer? 

About Speaker:

Sylvain Moreno, PhD, Director of the Digital Health Hub and Associate Professor at the School of Interactive Arts and Technology. Dr. Moreno is a specialist in neuroscientific technologies related to digital media, rehabilitation and brain fitness solutions. Dr. Moreno has been a member of the New York Academy of Science since 2006. He is the Head of Innovation for the Neurodevnet NCE and part of the AGE-WELL NCE’s innovation team. He has been the recipient of many awards from national and international organizations such as the Early Researcher Award from The Ontario Ministry of Economic Development and Innovation (2014). His work has received widespread press in various media outlets including the The New York Times and Forbes. He has authored several scientific publications and patents with real-world impacts in clinical and educational environments.