Supporting Aboriginal Graduate Enhancements

SAGE is an interdisciplinary and cross-institutional peer mentoring program designed to support Aboriginal graduate students with the successful transition into and completion of their graduate programs.


Simon Fraser University is an institutional host of SAGE for graduate and undergraduate Aboriginal students. 

SAGE for Aboriginal graduate students:
There are multiple institutions involved in SAGE across the province. SAGE for graduate students meets approximately 
every 4-6 weeks. The meetings in the lower mainland are co-hosted and shared between UBC Vancouver and SFU. Meetings alternate between the campuses and members are welcome to attend all meetings regardless of location.

SAGE for Undergraduate students:
SAGE-U is a new initiative of which SFU is an active member. Six other universities across British Columbia are part of SAGE-U. SAGE-U is a peer mentoring program specifically designed to assist Aboriginal undergraduate students transition into graduate school. For more informations about SAGE-U please


Contact Information:


SFU Faculty contacts for SAGE are Dr. Michelle Pidgeon (Faculty of Education) and Dr. Deanna Reder (Department of English and First Nations Studies).


For Aboriginal graduate student seeking out a community with other Aboriginal graduate students and would like to join the SAGE e-mail list and also participate in our meetings please email:

For Aboriginal undergraduate student and would like to know more about SAGE-U and upcoming meetings at SFU please contact  either Provincial SAGE-U coordinatoror Dr. Michelle Pidgeon