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Where is FASS One offered?

The Burnaby campus offers the FASS Connections Mentorship Program and the FASS FaM as well, although slightly modified. But, the Surrey FASS FaM is open only to FASS students who are admitted to one of the 11 intended major areas in the FASS One program at the Surrey campus. The delivery of the program is also different.

Can I take courses at other campuses?

Yes, you can take courses at all three of the campuses. However, in order to benefit from being a Surrey student, you are required to take a minimum of three courses at Surrey, at least two of which are FASS courses. That being said, many of the popular first-year courses in FASS are offered at SFU Surrey, so you will have a variety to choose from. Taking all Surrey courses in the first term provides you more opportunites to meet other students on campus, and may also save commuting time.

Will all the other first-year students be in the same courses as me?

No. You will be with other first-year students who have chosen the same intended major as you. For instance, if you chose Psychology at Surrey as your intended major when you applied, then you and all other students who chose this study area will be in the same PSYC 100 class. There are 11 major areas that a first-year student can chose from if starting at the Surrey campus.

I have already chosen a major or minor(s). Is FASS FaM still a good way to start a BA?

Yes, participating in FASS FaM is an excellent way to begin your university career. Since FASS FaM is more an extracurricular program developed to help you transition to university, you will be with students who have also chosen the same major or minor as you have, so you will have much in common. You can get to know your classmates outside of class participating in fun activities. You can also talk about the lectures, study for exams together, and begin lasting friendships.

What are the requirements to be in a FASS FaM?

Students must first meet the University's admission requirements for the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences in one of the 11 Surrey major programs. Once admitted, the student can register into the FASS FaM by emailing the coordinator at rbaik@sfu.ca. Please note that students must also take at least three courses at the Surrey campus to be considered a Surrey student. We encourage students to meet with the Arts and Social Sciences academic advisor at the Surrey campus to discuss options. Email rbaik@sfu.ca for more information or an appointment.

What does priority registration mean?

Priority registration means that, depending on which of the 11 intended majors you choose, your seat for the core course(s) will be reserved for you. You will know for certain that you will be able to register into your core course(s) when it's your time to register. And as many of the courses offered at Surrey also are reserved for all Surrey students, you have a better chance of getting into a Surrey course.