Kickstarter Seed Recipients


41 proposals were submitted in November, 2023. They were assigned two reviewers to adjudicate the grant proposals according to a scoring rubric. One reviewer had an understanding of the disciplinary conventions of the proposal, and one reviewer was outside of the discipline, but had an understanding of the methodological approach. Along with scoring the proposal, both reviewers provided feedback on the strengths and challenges of the proposals. 


Evaluation of School Resource Officers in the City of Burnaby

  • Zachary Rowan
  • Jennifer Wong

Examining racial bias in risk assessment, expert recommendations, and release decisions for high risk sex offenders

  • Maaike Helmus

Exploring the Role of Systemic Factors in Indigenous Youth Sentencing and Pleas

  • Helene Love
  • Stephanie Wiley

Improving incarceration outcomes through community, hope and healing: An evaluation of health and justice outcomes of BC’s in-prison therapeutic community 

  • Amanda Butler

Improving sexual homicide investigation through the development of new crime scene classifications

  • Eric Beauregard

Intimate Partner Violence in Modern Russia: Trends, Traditional Values, and Masculinity 

  • Alexandra Lysova


The Asymmetric Impacts of Imposing and Removing a Teacher Incentive Scheme

  • Mike Gilraine

Flexible modelling of multidimensional matching in the labour market

  • Dongwoo Kim

Intergroup Contact and National Integration in a Divided Society

  • Serena Canaan
  • Pierre Mouganie

Using Scanner Data on Consumer Purchases to Measure Inflation

  • Krishna Pendakur

Voter (De-)mobilization: Assessing the impact of recent changes to US states’ election laws

  • Anke Kessler
  • Steve Weldon


The Canterbury Fails, Podcast Development Project

  • David Coley
  • Mattew Hussey

Heroic Comedy: comedic Resistance to Authoritarianism

  • Diana Solomon
  • Sean Zwagerman

Mobilizing and Preserving the Research Outputs of The Women’s Print History Project

  • Michelle Levy

Poetry in Canada

  • Stephen Collis

Psychoanalysis and the Environment

  • Clint Burnham

Unsettling Scottish Studies

  • Leith Davis

Gender, Sexuality, and Women's Studies

Hong Kong Queer Women's Migration Experiences in the Post-Protest Era

  • Carman Fung

The Indigo Project

  • Jennifer Marchbank
  • Gloria Gutman
  • Claire Robson


Developing Inclusive Cities through Older Adult Citizen Participation:  Mobilizing Knowledge for Community Engagement

  • Atiya Mahmood
  • Habib Chaudhury

Rural Resilience in a Post-Pandemic Landscape: Exploring Social Isolation, Loneliness, and Healthcare Access Among Older Adults on Northern Vancouver Island

  • Andrew Wister
  • John Pickering, Real Estate Fellow of BC, Post-doctoral Fellow

Global Humanities

Molyvos Connections: A Social and Cultural Geography of the North Aegean

  • Dimitrios Krallis


English Puritanism and Reading: reconstructing the Library of William Dowsing

  • John Craig
  • Alexandra Wieland, Acting Head, Special Collections and Rare Books SFU

Indigenous Studies

Healing Intergenerational Trauma Among Residential School Survivors' Grandchildren

  • Natahnee Winder


Consuming text and audio fake news in a first and second language

  • Henny Yeung
  • Maite Taboada

Political Science

The Impact of Family Dissolution on Voting

  • Eline de Rooij

The Terrorism News Beat: Professionalism, Profit, and the Press

  • Aaron Hoffman


Building Connections: Expanding research beyond the university

  • Tanya Broesch

A Discipline in Crisis: Examining the potential role of interdisciplinary metascience in response to psychology’s methodological crises

  • Kate Slaney

How “usual” is usual care in adult and pediatric concussion clinical trials: A scoping review

  • Molly Cairncross

Promoting multiracial youth’s well-being: The protective role of interracial parents’ harmony

  • Hali Kil

Sociology & Anthropology

Race, Indigeneity, and Right-Wing Political Organizations in Canada

  • Kyle Willmott

Session Notes

  • Lindsey Freeman

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