Starting in FALL 2024 at Surrey

Your Journey begins here

Fass One Next Steps 



By May 2024

By May 2024

This is an important decision.  Take your time deciding and remember there's no rush to choose a major right away.  Don't worry - you have some time! 

Visit #KnowYourSFU at the Surrey campus on April 4th and get to know the Surrey community in person!  Learn more about the programs you are interested in, meet some faculty, and check out the services and resources available to students. 


Activate Your 
SFU Computing ID


One Person, One computing ID 

A computing ID is your key to accessing services like: goSFU (course registration, paying tuition), Canvas  (lecture materials, assignmentsemail  (the official form of communication for the University) as well as computer labs, and other services. Your Computing ID is the username before “” in your SFU email address. For example, if your SFU email is "", then your Computing ID is "kipling". Don't confuse it with the 9-digit student/employee number on your SFU ID card.


Complete University Prep 
Step 1 - General Information
Step 2 - Faculty Specific


A free online course for all new undergraduate students 

We want you to succeed and research shows that students who complete University Prep have a higher rate of academic success than those that don't.  Step 1 will introduce you to some terms you'll need to know as you begin your journey at SFU: WQB, pre-requisite, co-requisite, academic units and calendar, department or faculty; all these terms will be explained in Step One.  Step 2 is Faculty specific and will help you with the tools and strategies to start planning your degree and enrol in courses.   

It can feel a little overwhelming as you begin this journey, and if you need some clarification after completing these steps, or are feeling lost, then reach out to your dedicated FASS One Advisor, Rose Baik.  Rose and her team of mentors will help you navigate your first year at Surrey.  

Meet Rose Your FASS One Advisor

  • Rose is the academic advisor for students in the FASS One program
  • It's her job to help you transition from high school to university
  • Available for appointments online, in person or over phone
  •  call or text: 778 798 9384


Attend a Surrey 
FASS Camp or
Course Planning Session


July 2024 - FASS One students are REQUIRED to attend 

We want you to succeed!  By attending a FASS camp or course planning session you will get your questions answered.  How do I choose classes? What if I don't know what I want to study?  What is the difference between a major and minor? What is a course unit?  What is it like to attend a lecture?  Come to either planning option and get answers.  Click below for more information about each option. 


  • 3-day event July 2 to July 4
  • 9:30 am - 3:00 pm
  • Mini lectures from professors
  • Inside tips from mentors plus fun and games!
  • Course planning workshops 
  • Fee is $60 and includes all snacks, lunch and materials for the event

Course planning session 

  • Condensed two hour session with the Faculty advisor and mentors
  • Helps prepare your course selection and other pertinent information to get ready for your first term

Can't attend a FASS camp or Course planning session?  

  • FASS One students are required to attend either a FASS camp or a course planning session before being eligible to enrol in classes
  • If you can't attend either event, then you should contact the Faculty Advisor, Rose Baik prior to registering for courses
  • For all inquiries contact Rose Baik at text 778 798 9384
  • Include your full name and student number



July 2024

You will receive a specific date when you are eligible to enrol in your classes. To check for your enrollment date, sign into goSFU.  All FASS One students are REQUIRED to attend either a FASS camp or course planning session prior to enrolling.  

Review your class options prior to your enrollment date in order to prepare and make notes.   SFU also has some tips to make this process smoother. To browse the course catalog, sign into goSFU, then select the term and search. 


Meet your
Attend your FAM Session

September 2024

Building a peer support network, learning to navigate the university system, and getting better acquainted with all that FASS has to offer! That's what Rose and your mentors will help you with in your weekly FAM (Friends and Mentor) sessions.  You will be assigned a weekly FAM session to attend where you will meet your mentors and meet other students in the same intended major. You'll likely see them in some of your classes too! 

Your mentors have been in your shoes so they can offer advice on academic skills (e.g., how to approach assignments, talking to a professor, or picking a major) and other student concerns (e.g., stress and time management, finding resources on campus, making friends, etc).  Of course, they are always there for the fun, games and treats too!