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Make more of your university experience

You're at university — now's your opportunity to do so much more than succeed at your studies!

Get involved socially! Learn leadership skills! Make the moves to a promising career! And so much more. Check out all the ways FASS makes student life exciting, informative and fun!

Social community

Get introduced to your university community! Here's your guide to getting the help you need to feel connected.

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Follow us on Instagram and Facebook! Get news about events and programs you can get involved with, and ways to improve your academic journey with friends and colleagues.

Just as you are passionate about the courses you take and the causes you support, SASS (the Society of Arts and Social Sciences) is passionate about the students they represent, you! 

Get in touch with Arts Central

Connect with the engagement team at Arts Central for upcoming academic and social opportunities. 

Join a club or create your own!

Discover an SFSS Club connecting you to a shared academic or professional interest! A student club FASS suggests checking out is the SFU Pre-Law Society!

Join the faculty student union Discord

Join the SASS Discord channel, open to all verifiable FASS students. Connect to students in similar programs or those sharing interests.


Looking to make some connections and build your resume? Become a volunteer! SFU offers numerous programs for students looking to get involved both on and off campus.


Now that you've connected to your university community, pass it on! Help new students by sharing your experiences and new skills.

Become a FASS Mentee

New to SFU? As a FASS Mentee you will experience an increase sense of belonging and well-being through supportive connections with an upper-year FASS student.

Explore MyInvolvement

MyInvolvement is your one stop shop for opportunities. Register for career and leadership development programs and apply for volunteer and paid on campus positions.

Become a FASS peer mentor

As a FASS Peer Mentor you will gain friendships and connections, while you build up your resume as you provide guidance to new students. 

Join a DSU as an executive member

Student unions are elected, student-run bodies coordinatred by the Simon Fraser Student Society. Gain valuable transferable skills and competencies in various roles.

Join the Student Ambassador program

The Student Ambassador Program is an umbrella of various opportunities for getting involved on campus, including volunteering and participating in certain workshops.

Myinvolvement is your one stop shop for on campus opportunities. Volunteer and receive Co-Curricular Record recognition.


While in school, expand your network and reach your greatest heights!

Consider Honours

For all Bachelor of Arts (BA) Honours degrees, students complete a minimum of 120 units. You must apply and be accepted into an honours program.

Write for Undergraduate Journals

Submitting your work to a FASS undergraduate journal is a great way to gain experience in publishing and to share your work with others.

Find your Departmental Student Union(s)

DSU's are FASS's Departmental Student Unions. They bridge the gap between you, your department and Faculty, and the SFSS. Come out and meet some new friends!

Sign up for a Semester in Dialogue

SFU's Semester in Dialogue is a one-semester, full-time program designed to inspire students with a sense of civic responsibility and encourage their passion for improving society. 

The Student Learning Commons provides expert and friendly help with academic writing, learning, and study strategies — in an environment of collaboration, discussion, and peer learning!

Write for The Peak

SFU’s independent student newspaper, The Peak is open to contributions from all students. 15 editors and seven staff members put the weekly paper together.


Fun opportunities to study abroad, meet new people and expand your understanding of the world.

Study abroad in a field school

A Field School can be described as an extended field trip, or an off-campus delivery of SFU courses for a group of 10 - 20 students. Most are full term programs, directed by an SFU instructor, consisting of 9 to 12 units of selected courses.

Take an international co-op

Employers from across Canada and abroad are always looking to hire Arts Co-op students who think independently, draw conclusions and communicate effectively. Build your resume and get paid while you work on your degree.

Take Part in an Exchange

Spend a couple of terms studying at an SFU partner institution abroad while earning credit towards your degree, or consider options for a field school, and much more.

Short-term summer programs

Earn between 3–12 units towards your SFU degree. Programs range between 1–10 weeks in length.


Are you interested in understanding how decisions are made that influence all SFU students? Want to have your voice heard so you can be part of making those decisions? We recommend you get involved in governance!

Join the SFSS as a board member

Run for a position on the Simon Fraser Student Society (SFSS), a student-led organization that represents and advocates for the interests of all SFU students.

Join an SFSS committee

Take part in one of SFSS's 10 committees, including accessibility, BIPOC, events, and more.

Join SFU's Board of Governors

The Board of Governors is the senior governing body at SFU. There are 15 members including two elected students, you could be one of them.

Run for senate

Senate is responsible for the academic governance of the University. Meet with SFU's chancellor, president, and others once a month.

Ana and Delaney


Your FASS Student Engagement Staff, Ana and Delaney, are here to answer your questions and help you out. You can find Ana and Delaney in Arts Central (Academic Quadrangle 3020). Times listed in Pacific Standard Time (PST).

Sign up to chat with us by phone or video!

Connect with Arts Central

Arts Central is open to student groups and clubs active in the faculty and who are looking to connect either with other students or to receive support from the student engagement coordinator.

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Contact Brian Fox

Coordinator, Student Engagement
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