FASS Friends and Mentors

Learn about the FASS Friends and Mentor program.

FASS Friends and mentors (FAM)

Our FAM program provides a safe and welcoming place to connect with classmates, form meaningful friendships, as well as develop academic and personal skills.

In addition to your core courses (which are taken over two terms), in your first term, you will meet once a week as a group with your peer mentors for useful and fun activities. FASS FaM meetings will address your academic, personal and social development needs.

A peer mentor acts as a helpful guide, offering advice based on academic experience in the field of study. Your mentor will be an excellent resource as you move through your first year at SFU. They demonstrate good practice, provide opportunities for review and refer students to appropriate support services.

Your mentor will organize speakers and facilitate discussions on various topics such as academic skills (e.g., how to approach assignments, talk to a professor, or pick a major) and other student concerns (e.g., stress and time management, finding resources on campus, making friends, etc).

Peer Mentors are supervised by staff members and work closely together to make your first year the best it can be!

As a first year student, you will find that there are many people available to assist you during your studies at SFU. The university and department orientations provide information on getting around campus, finding and using campus resources, and creating your class schedules. You can also receive more personalized assistance by having a mentor and being part of a FAM.

Build a peer support network, learn to navigate the university system, and get better acquainted with all that FASS has to offer!

Contact rbaik@sfu.ca for questions and more information.

Want to join?

If you have been admitted to FASS One, you are already part of FAM at the Surrey campus. If you don't know whether you are in FASS One or not, or if you wish to participate in FAM, contact rbaik@sfu.ca or 778-798-9384 for additional information and/or to reserve your spot. Spaces are limited.

Become a Peer Mentor

We encourage former FASS One/FASS Surrey students with at least 24 units completed and a willingness and commitment to welcome and help new SFU students.  Please contact Rosaline Baik at rbaik@sfu.ca for more information.

What does a peer mentor do?

  • Facilitate and team-lead weekly meetings for up to 30 newly admitted FASS students
  • Direct new students to campus resources that can aid their transition into the SFU community
  • Organize activities and events to engage new students
  • Provide assistance and guidance (online, phone & face-to-face) to prospective and new FASS students
  • Be an active and enthusiastic ambassador for FASS

Why become a peer mentor?

  • Gain group facilitation and event planning experience.
  • Strengthen your leadership and communication skills.
  • Gain valuable volunteer experience and reference.
  • Contribute to your FASS community by sharing knowledge, skills and time.
  • Receive Co-Curricular Record (CCR) recognition.
  • Get invitation to the Student Volunteer Appreciation Gala.