Peter Hall a the new associate dean of the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences.

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Peter Hall appointed associate dean

September 03, 2019

The Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences is pleased to announce that professor Peter Hall has been appointed as associate dean, strategic academic planning, enrollment and budget for the faculty. His term began in September 2019 and will end in August 2022.

Professor Hall expects that he will face a steep learning curve, but is looking forward to his new role.

“I’m excited because now is a time for the arts and social sciences to flourish,” Hall says. “The most important and interesting challenges we face today are social, cultural, political and economic. We live in a time when digital data is everywhere, but social understanding is in short supply. That’s precisely what FASS can contribute.”

Hall’s research bridges the disciplines of geography, planning and economics with a focus on the often contested relationship between seaports, logistics and cities. He received his doctorate in City and Regional Planning from the University of California at Berkeley and has worked in local government in Durban, South Africa.

Hall is the former program director of the SFU Urban Studies program, and an associate editor of the Journal of Transport Geography.