Mentors are there to help you navigate your first year of university through one-on-one support and other social events organized by the mentorship program.  

Aanika Sehgal

Study Area: Political Science major intended 

The reason why I chose to study political science is because I have always been interested in politics and how government institutions work. I knew this area of study would not just increase my interest but also my knowledge and perspective on the world. 

Aditi Pooni

Study Area: Psychology major intended 

I decided to major in psychology after overcoming my own mental health challenges. I realized that mental health issues are something that so many people struggle with but not enough people talk about, and I began initiating more honest and vulnerable conversations with my loved ones. This has increased my interest in psychology and the idea of giving back to the community by providing that same warmth and acceptance that I have received from my family and friends. 

Ceemone Sidhu

Study Area: Declared Criminology major 

I chose Crim because it allowed me to study the laws of Canada as well as understand various reasons behind criminality; this allowed me to gauge if a career in law is something I would like to pursue. It turned out that I enjoyed the study of laws and criminal behaviour, as I learned new aspects of the CJS and criminal behaviour with each course I took. One course that I enjoyed the most was Crim330, which introduced various legislative rules and gave me the opportunity to work with them in a manner that a lawyer would. 

Emily Thornton

Study Area:  Declared English major & indended  Archaeology minor

I had originally chosen my major with the intention of being a high school English teacher. However, I have decided to use my education to become an elementary school teacher.  

Ethan Gill

Study Area:  Declared History major

I decided to choose history because from an early age, I was always passionate about social studies and thought of it as my favourite subject in elementary and high school. So, when it came to applying to a program for university, I immediately decided on history. My decision for history also comes from wanting to teach the subject in the future, as my goal is to become a secondary school history teacher.

Faizaan husain

Study Area: Declared Criminology major and Psychology minor 

I chose to major in criminology and minor in psychology because I've always found crime and explanations on preventing or predicting crime interesting. I've watched a lot of crime TV shows and trying to predict or understand how characters act turned into an academic interest in the field. 

Grace Richardson 

Study Area: Declared English major and Social Justice Education minor

I chose to major in English because I enjoy literature and believe that it can give us a lot of insight into our world. In addition, I am minoring in education as I have a passion for teaching and plan to become an educator in the future. I look forward to being a mentor again this year!

Harleen Sagoo

Study Area: Declared Criminology major 

I chose to study criminology because I’m interested in this topic and want to do something using my Crim degree in the future.

Helen Dinh

Declared English major and Gender Studies minor

I have always been passionate about English; I appreciate the fact that it exposes me to many diverse stories and perspectives, allowing me to develop a more open mind, while offering me the opportunity to be creative and abstract. The flexibility of my major's content encourages their students to engage with what truly interests them, eliminating the academic pressure of being "right" or "wrong," and focuses more on developing ideas and gaining new knowledge.

Japnaam chahal

Study Area:  Declared Sociology major and Psychology minor

I am finishing up my third year at SFU .  My interest in sociology and psychology was first sparked through taking a social justice course in highschool. I chose this as my area of study because I am really interested in studying and analyzing human behavior, social issues, and how society works. I also aspire to pursue a career in teaching in the future, and felt that studying sociology and psychology will help me to better understand my future students. 

Jessica Buuck

Study Area:  Declared Psychology major, intended Counselling and Human development minor

I chose these programs because I have been passionate about psychology since elementary school. Because of my personal experiences, I wanted to learn how to resolve conflicts and navigate difficult conversations. Over time, my friends confided in me and found my emotional support and advice helpful. Mental health became an important topic for me. My long-term dream is to work in counselling to help people with their mental wellness.  

JP Zhou

Study Area: Undecided - Exploring my options

I enjoyed studying sociology and psychology as it allows me to learn more about how my brain works and how the world works socially. 

Kanwarveer Sidhu

Study Area: Declared Political Science Major & Philosophy minor

I have always been interested in the nuances that exist within society. Being in poli-sci and philosophy lets me explore wildly different, and sometimes exclusive, perspectives from equally competent writers that force me to criticize my understanding of the world on a near constant basis, and I really enjoy that challenge.  

Keannu Rubio

Study Area: Declared Psychology major

There are a lot of different types of psychology, but the area I'm most interested in is social psychology. People are interesting, and everyone has a story to tell.

Keerat Shergill

Study Area:  Declared Criminology major & Certificate in Legal Studies  

I chose this area of study because I wanted to learn more about the many laws in Canadian society and also learn about the various forms of the justice system. My interest in criminology was provoked in my Grade 12 Law class, I learned about so many different cases and components of the law that I wanted to see what this subject was all about.

Lyka McAlister-borchert

Study Area: Declared double major Criminology & Communications with a certificate in International Studies

I am going into my 5th year at SFU. I choose to study criminology since I enjoyed crime shows when I was younger but took some communications classes for fun and fell in love with the topic, hence why I am doing a double major. I wish to become a high school teacher after I graduate.

Manisha Sidhu

Study Area: Declared Psychology Major

I chose psychology as my major as understanding human behavior and its connections to daily life has always been an interest of mine. I love picking up social cues and behaviors to gauge how a person may be truly feeling, while also learning about what may be occurring mentally that is not visible physically. Psychology is used in many versatile ways such as improving mental health, marketing, decision-making, child development, the relationships we choose and much more. Being able to study these topics more in-depth is both an interest and can lead to a potential career path for me! 

Mari Edwin

Study Area: History Major intended

I chose history for two main reasons: first, I love learning about the peoples and cultures of the past, and second, I find it fascinating how past events and beliefs shaped the world we live in today!

Marisa Berger

Study Area:  Declared English Major & Social Justice Minor 

Welcome to SFU!  I'm a fifth-year English major and chose my degree because I enjoy reading, writing, and analyzing stories.  I believ e that literature provides people with an outlet to escape reality and heightens our imagination. Additionally, my minor is a result of my interest in human rights and supports my future career as an educator. While I wasn't initially aware of what I wanted to learn before starting university, discovering my passions aided in the process. I wish you all the best on your journey at SFU and the upcoming term.

Parneet Bhatha

Study Area: Declared Criminology major

I picked criminology to study because of my deep interest in criminality, why individuals offend, and the ways in which the justice system has been set up to deal with offenders. I'm also interested in the law, which is my plan for after university, and it's why the field of criminology appealed to me as well! I look forward to working with you all in Fall 2023!

Rafaella Malca Vivanco

Study Area: Exploring my options

I am still undecided between majoring in psychology or behavioural neuroscience, so I am taking the pre reqs for both and will see which one works best for me. Perhaps I could major in neuroscience and minor in psychology! I chose these two areas as I have always been interested in the human body but recently have fallen in love with the human brain and the science behind our inner workings. My favourite class so far has been Psyc 100.

Sarah De Giusti

Study Area: Criminology Major intended 

I chose this because I have always found the subject interesting and want to pursue a career in the field.


Shamikh Rahim

Study Area: Psychology major intended

Psychology was my most favourite class in high school, so I wanted to explore the various fields of such an interesting topic and work towards applying it in all aspects of my life.

Teja Adams

Study Area: Criminology major intended

I chose criminology because I grew up watching crime-themed shows and wanted to understand what leads a person to deviant behaviour. In the future I plan to work with at-risk youth, and criminology provides me with the means to understand them.

Tianna Nardi

Study Area: Declared English and French Literature major

Hi everyone and welcome to SFU!  I chose to pursue my studies in English and French literature since I have the intention of becoming an elementary school teacher in the future.  Choosing an area to study may seem difficult in your first year of university when you realize all the possibilities available to you, but my advice is to do what you love and study what you are passionate about!