George Agnes

Associate Dean, Students
PhD (University of Alberta)


Students, staff, and faculty can contact George for any graduate student matter.

Please tell us a little about yourself.

10 things you’ll find me doing on campus: smiling & laughing, teaching, meeting, researching, coffee consuming, emailing, mentoring, marking, getting some stress relief time (at the gym or hiking or jogging or cycling on the mountain trails), and non-generally repeating all of the above.

10 things you’ll find me doing when not on campus: socializing with family & friends, making and drinking cappuccino and repeating likely too often, skiing, windsurfing, 500 and 750 g weight-lifting, wearing sunglasses, tech gear, trying out new recipes, cycling, hiking & trail running.

About my research in the Department of Chemistry: Together with students, the program of research that has been developed emphasizes asking new questions that cause us to investigate areas of science (and society) that are for us, new. My research began with fundamental studies of ionization for ion sources used with mass spectrometry, that transitioned to studies of particles prepared in wall-less environments (electrical and sonic levitation), then to the chemistry of particulate air pollution that underlies linkages to adverse effects on human health. And now, we are investigating tools & methods for selective sieving of water molecules.

Why did you want to join this role?

Being admitted in a graduate program is an invitation to immerse oneself in an academic park of finite dimensions.

Being enrolled in a graduate program is to academically explore, and expand your knowledge base, skill set, exposure to disciplinary norms of research, and understand and embrace academic risk. Simply put, it is an invitation to embrace and expand the academic park; expanding knowledge, capability, ethics and societal well-being, and diversity. It is a way to develop a life-long learning philosophy, leadership skills, and communication skills as you learn to engage and exchange ideas with your peers and other thought leaders from around the world.

Joining the office of the Dean of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies allows me to be an enabler, for students, for faculty members, and for staff members, to explore the many and varied features of the Graduate Enterprise. That is, in part, my reward; to assist others in their explorations within, and in pushing out, the boundaries of the academic park.

Some of George's hobbies

Coastal break, Oregon, USA

Discussing the line we are about to drop into, BC, Canada (Black Helmet)