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Individualized Interdisciplinary Studies (INS) are for students pursuing a degree when their proposed course of studies cannot be pursued in any existing program. To learn about past and current students in the INS program and why it was right for them, please see their student profiles below.

  • January 09, 2023

    January 09, 2023

    Niloufar involves mathematics, computer science, and biology in her interdisciplinary studies as a PhD student.

  • March 11, 2022

    March 11, 2022

    Ethan is a Doctoral student in Individualized Interdisciplinary Studies whose research concerns ekphrases (i.e. descriptions) of the urban landscape of Constantinople and its monuments in eleventh and twelfth century Byzantine literature. (Graduate Dean Entrance Scholarship)

  • February 17, 2022

    February 17, 2022

    Makhfirat is an Individualized Studies Doctoral student in the Faculty of Education whose research is focused on what factors emerge as the primary drivers of success and failure among Central Asian students at the University of Central Asia (UCA). (University of Central Asia Scholarship, Dean's Graduate Fellowship)


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Alice Fleerackers, studies science communication as part of her PhD. Read what Alice has to say regarding COVID risk communication, here: 

INS PhD student Lucy Bell's work on Indigenous repatriation has been featured recently:

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