goGRAD/SLATE Resources for Reviewers

Introducing goGRAD/SLATE

Graduate Studies launched goGRAD/SLATE, the new admission application system, in October 2022.

This new system houses all aspects of admissions from start to finish – from the admission application to the review and through to decision notifications.

goGRAD and SLATE are the same system. SLATE is the name of the administrative side.

The Reader is SLATE’s review module. This is where admission applications are assigned to reviewers, the review is completed and admission recommendations are made.

Reviewer and Reader are used interchangeably in the system.

Log in to The Reader using your SFU Computing ID and password: https://gograd.sfu.ca/manage/reader/

TEST Version of Slate: https://sfr.test.technolutions.net/manage/reader/

Watch the full video introduction (8 minutes)

Main Menu + Navigation

Once inside the reader, the menu on the left provides various options.

Left Menu Description
Home Returns to Reader home page, displays resources and small custom reports.
Browse View all Reader bins, including the total number of applications within each Reader bin.
Search View applications in a list view and add filters to narrow the results.
Queue Consider this to be a personal "To Do List" where users can see their assigned applications.
Recent View a list of the most recently viewed applications. This view is user-specific.
Share Allows committee leader to broadcast their screen to other viewers in a meeting.
Classify Move application files to a pending bin to see how a class is shaping up.
Help Access helpful Reader resources like documentation and webinars.
Exit Exit the Reader and return to the person record or Slate homepage.

Browse (Bins + Application Movement)

An explanation of the bins, workflow and application movement.

Most Commonly Used Bins

Inside The Reader click Browse (left side). 

These Reader bins represent the admission workflow. Although you can see all bins, most units only use the following 3 bins in their review:  

  • First Pass: program assistant is doing first check/cgpa calculations
  • Committee Review: Reviewers can self-assign applications, Reviewers complete/submit review forms
  • Grad Chair Review: GPC is reviewing

Additional Bins

Some units use additional bins for their own designated purpose:  

  • Department Review
  • Interview
  • Unofficial Waitlist
  • Hold

Queue (Add, Remove Applications)

Every user in Slate has a Queue, which should be thought of as a personal “to do” list. If your unit has asked you to self-assign applications, click below to learn how.

Preview an Application before adding to queue

Learn more 🡣

Inside The Reader https://gograd.sfu.ca/manage/reader/

1. Click Browse

2. Click the bin called Committee Review.

3. Click the Display Application icon to open/read through an application

a. Click the left side to see the application components

b. Click Add to Queue if you want to complete a review form or

c. Click Slate to exit the application


Add to Queue

These steps add selected applications to your personal queue. If a lock and name appear, another user has the file in their queue as well. You can still select and review the application.

Learn more 🡣

1. Click Browse, click the bin called Committee Review.

2. Click applications you wish to review (they will highlight in blue when selected) and click Add to Queue (top right).

Remove from Queue

For applications you don’t want in your queue (ie., you are not completing a review), you can click Remove From Queue button when inside an application (bottom right) or:

Learn more 🡣

Inside The Reader https://gograd.sfu.ca/manage/reader/

1. Click Queue (left side), click Remove from Queue (top right)

2. Click the applications you wish to remove (will highlight in blue) and click Remove from Queue again. 

Queue (Ready to Review)

Your Queue contains applications that you can evaluate. Each application can only reside in a single bin, but can be in multiple queues, as more than one evaluator can review an application at a time.

Learn more 🡣

Inside The Reader, click on Queue and click on the application you wish to open.

1. Application + Materials: items associated with the application will appear on the left menu. Click any of these to view. Greyed-out components were optional and not submitted.

2. Review Form: click the grey Review Form/Send to Bin button (bottom right) to open or close the review form.

Other options include:

  • Click Slate (top left) to exit the application
  • Click Remove from Queue to remove this application (note your Review Form will not be saved)
  • Click the individual annotation to use a swipe mouse, highlighter or sticky note

Once you complete your review and want to submit, you have two options:

Option 1: Click Send

At the bottom of the review form is a send button. Click this to submit your review.

Note: You will not be able to edit your responses after you hit sent.

If there are names listed at the bottom of the form, the application has other readers evaluating it.

Option 2: Next Bin and Send

If you are the only (or last) reviewer, you can move the application to the next bin. This will generally be the Grad Chair Review Bin but you may wish to check with your unit to ensure this is how to proceed.

Note: You will not be able to edit your responses after you hit send.

Search + Find Specific Applications

If you are looking for applications in a specific program, research area or with a specific supervisor requested, you can search using the search page or running a query. Generally, running a query is the best way.

Option #1: Search Page

This is a quick option, which works well if you are with a smaller unit.

Learn more 🡣

Log in to The Reader https://gograd.sfu.ca/manage/reader/

  1. Click Search (left side)
  2. In the Search Parameters (right side), you can enter applicant name(s), you can select a specific bin to search. To restrict your search to only those ready for review, select Review - Committee Review.
  3. Click on the heading Research Supervisor 1 to sort by supervisor name. Scroll down to find your name.

Option #2: Run a query

By running a prebuilt query you can access information on applications, including their research area and potential supervisor.

Learn more 🡣

Log in to The Reader https://gograd.sfu.ca/manage/reader/

  1. Click Home and click the link for Run Supervisor Requests
  2. Click Run Query
  3. Use the scroll bars to view the data
  4. Click Export to pull the data into a spreadsheet. You can use this spreadsheet to sort, filter the information.

SLATE Email Notifications

The Reader will send an email listing application(s) in your queue; these are assigned to you to complete.

Notifications in SLATE are standardized to ensure applications move through the process. These settings cannot be changed.

One solution is to set an SFU Mail inbox rule to move the emails into a designated folder.

Learn more about  using SFU Mail Inbox Rules