Visiting + Incoming Exchange

Simon Fraser University is regularly ranked as one of the top comprehensive universities in Canada. We welcome Master's and Doctoral from other universities who wish to visit in order to undertake research or courses not towards completing an SFU credential.

Options for graduate students enrolled in other institutions

In Canada interested in taking courses at SFU?

The Western Deans' Agreement (WDA) and the Canadian Graduate Student Research Mobility Agreement (CAGS) are both options for current Graduate Students at universities in Canada to take courses at SFU.

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Outside of Canada interested in taking courses at SFU?

If your home university has a current Formal Exchange/Study Abroad Agreement with Simon Fraser University, you are eligible to apply to attend SFU as an Exchange/Study Abroad student

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Interested in conducting Research at SFU?

The Visiting Graduate Research Student is an arrangement which allows students to undertake work under the supervision of a professor at SFU. Visits may be as brief as a month or span for multiple terms.

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Non-degree option

Interested in graduate level courses, but not a graduate program?

You may make a formal application outlining the specific graduate courses you wish to take at SFU. If approved, you will be able to enroll in those specific courses only. No credit will be given towards any degree offered by the SFU for courses completed as a non-degree student.

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