Understanding Your Role

Student Status

Admission Status

Your admission letter provides you details of your offer at SFU. It is important to read the admission letter in its entirety and if you have any questions on requirement imposed prior to the start of your studies or during your studies that you consult your graduate program assistant. It is your responsibility to understand the requirements and meet them by the given deadline.

International Students

It is your responsibility to maintain valid status in Canada and to continue to meet all conditions of the study permit.

Visit IRCC's website for more information


Qualifying admission requires you to take the undergraduate courses listed on your admission with a set grade or higher. If you are successful, you will commence your graduate program in the following term. If you are unsuccessful your offer is revoked. You may apply again for admission at a later date.

If you are unable to enroll in the courses in your admission letter or are requesting a course substitution this must be requested in advance.


Conditional admission requires you to complete the specified requirement in the time given. Conditions typically are the requirement to submit official documents prior to enrollment, completion of a credential you are currently enrolled in or to obtain a mandatory minimum CGPA at the start of your program. Failure to complete the conditions outlined in your admission letter will result in not being able to enroll in classes until the condition is met, or in certain cases your offer is revoked.


If you have been admitted as a non-degree student you may only enroll in the courses specified in your admission letter. Please remember that none of the courses you take as non-degree student can be used towards any degree or credential at SFU. If you are planning on applying to a graduate program in the future, please consult the program you wish to apply for as taking courses in a non-degree program will not exclude you from taking them in the future if they are part of program requirements.

Part or Full Time

The majority of graduate programs are on a full-time basis which can be a combination of course work, research or working towards your final thesis, project or essays. If your program charges per term fees you will be considered a full-time student for the purposes of fees and the government as long as you are enrolled in the term.

If your program charges per unit fees, you will only be considered full-time if you enroll in six or more units of course work in a term. The exception is on your T2202A: all graduate students are considered full-time for the four months of the term of their enrollment in a course.

It is important for you to speak to your supervisor or program director if you are uncertain on the expectation of workload.

For information on how to enroll or take a leave of absence see enrollment under Managing Your Program.